Browser Benchmarking

Did a little browser benchmarking the other day. To my surprise, the most popular browsers are the slowest. Here are the result, in reverse order:

Slowest of them all, and therefore last is as expected Internet Explorer 8.


Next up, is the biggest surprise of them all. Coming in an first to last is Mozzila Firefox.


Followed by only a 10 point difference, Opera is the 3rd fastest browser available on the market today.


Google’s browser, Chrome, although still very new, managed to come in as 2nd.


Quoted as “the faster browser available” by it’s own download site, Safari lives up to this quotation, taking the 1st place.


Here are the final results for comparison:

Final results

Benchmark notes:

Site used:

System used: Intel Centrino Dual Core @ 2.4 GHz with  4 GB RAM.

As not all browsers support the “Complex Graphics” test of the benchmark, these results were excluded when calculating the overall performance score of the browsers.

Personal oppinion

After the benchmark I decided to give Safari a try, so I used it for a week. I must say, I couldn’t really tell the difference in page loading time, and I was missing all the Add-ons that Mozilla Firefox has, so it was not long till I found myself using it again. They just can’t beat the extension capability of Firefox, no matter how good a browser anyone else makes.

I’m feeling lucky!

Firefox 3 devine browserul numarul 1 in Europa

Conform site-ului la sfarsitul lunii Martie, Firefox 3 a devenit pentru prima data cel mai folosit browser in Europa, devansand astfel Internet Explorer 7.eu_browser_version

Cumulat totusi IE 7 cu IE 6 conduc inca piata europeana, urmati de Firefox si mult mai jos Opera.


In lume, cumulat IE detine peste Read more of this post

Valoarea mea, valoarea mea…

V-ati intrebat vreodata cat va valoareaza organul? Ma refer la baieti…

Google va da rezultatul: exact 0,1266 U.S. dollars. Cam putin nu credeti? :))


Google calculator

Am descoperit si eu acum vreo luna si tot intrebam lumea daca stie de ea si tot aflam ca defapt nimeni nu stie, asa ca m-am gandit sa scriu un post despre el, ca sa afle lumea. Si ca sa nu va mai tin in suspans, vorbesc de calcuatorul integrat in Searchbox-ul de la Google, numit Google Calculator.
Cautam intr-o zi o trupa, si am tastat pe Google “3+2” la care el in mod foarte ciudat mi-a dat “3+2 = 5”.

Mai jos era un link, “More about Google Calculator”. Si uite asa am descoperit minunatele facilitati de calcul ale Google-ului.

Sa vedem cateva exemple. Textul scris cu “italics” a fost introdus in casuta de cautare a Google-ului, iar randul sub ele este raspunsul dat de Google Search.

Aritmetica simpla

  5 + 2 = 7

  5 + (3 * 3) = 14

  (5 + (3 * 3))^6 = 7 529 536

  (5 + (3 * 3)) * (e^(-6)) = 0.0347025305

Operatii hexa si binar

"0x7f + 0b10010101"
  0x7f + 0b10010101 = 0x114

Operatii trigonometrice

  sin(3.14) = 0.00159265292

  sin(pi) = 0

  tan(pi / 4) = 1

  (sin(50)^2) + (cos(50)^2) = 1

  sin((pi^2) / 4) + arctan(pi / 2) + tanh(pi / 3) = 2.40886521

Operatii cu numere complexe

  sqrt(-4) = 2 i

  (2 * i) + (3 - (3 * i)) = 3 - i

  ((3 - (2 * i)) * (10 + (3 * i)) * (2 - (5 * i))) / (4 - i) = 15.8823529 - 46.5294118 i

Conversii de uniati de masura

"100 km in miles"
  100 kilometers = 62.1371192 miles

"95 Fahrenheit in Celsius"
  95 degrees Fahrenheit = 35 degrees Celsius

"60 mph in kph"
  60 mph = 96.56064 kph

"30 mils in millimeter"
  30 mils = 0.762 millimeter

"40 mpg in liters per 100 kilometer"
  40 mpg = 5.88036458 liters per (100 kilometer)

Convertor valutar

"100 Euro in RON"
  100 Euros = 353.917653 Romanian leu

"300 USD in GBP"
  300 U.S. dollars = 155.674329 British pounds

Astea sunt numai cateva exemple din capacitatile inedite a Google Calculator. Mai multe informatii si exemple gasiti pe Google Calculator Help.